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FCI Heifer Lick Tubs

FCI Heifer Tubs are formulated for free choice feeding to dairy heifers. Heifers should consume between 1-2 lbs per head per day, and will vary with feeding conditions. Two 200-lb tubs should last 20-25 head of heifers between 13-17 days. Guaranteed specs: Crude protein (min) 30%; Crude fat (min) 5%; Crude fiber (max) 5%; Calcium 3-5%; Phosphorus (min) 2%; Potassium (min) 2%; Magnesium (min) 2%; Cobalt (min) 3.3 ppm; Copper (min) 330 ppm; Manganese (min) 1330 ppm; Iodine (min) 17 ppm; Selenium (min) 3.3 ppm; Zinc (min) 1000 ppm; Vitamin A (min) 100,000 IU/lb; Vitamin E (min) 100 IU/lb; Vitamin D (min) 20,000 IU/lb.

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